How to Build a Website in Under A Day
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Mike Stop Continues
How to Build a Website in Under A Day

Description: Your website is the centerpiece of your business, unifying promotion, outreach, newsletters, social media, and ads. It’s the definitive source on your brand, your persona, and what your author career means. A poor website confuses and dissuades potential readers, reviewers, and publishers, while a great website engages and excites, transforming strangers into contacts, allies, and fans. Together, we’ll explore the essential features of an author’s website, including how to express your brand with color, style, and quotable copywriting. We’ll also cover how to use your website to grow your fanbase and your network. Finally, we’ll detail your best options for getting a great website up and running fast. You’ll learn how to launch a great website in under a day, what to include, what to exclude, and how to organize it, as well as the strategies for using your website to sell books, grow fandom, and build buzz.

Presenter: Mike Stop Continues

Mike Stop Continues is rebuilding the web with authors in mind. Having led both design and data teams in major tech organizations, including the Huffington Post and NYU, he’s learned how to make websites that are both beautiful and powerful. Mike has spoken about technology, literature, and writing craft at numerous universities, including Yale, Hunter College, and on many podcasts. He and his husband Alvaro are currently developing, SiteArcade, a new platform for professional author websites that keep themselves up-to-date automatically, promoting the right book at the right time.